Assanti & Associates, PC is the most qualified law firm in the powersports and bicycling industry, representing businesses, athletes and injured motorcyclists and bicyclists. Call or email today for a free consultation!

Our attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and support staff have been serving the motorcycle industry throughout the United States for more than 15 years.  Our structured and aggressive approach has won many major awards, settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of our clients.  

Our clients range from the arguably the most successful motorcycle racers in history to the every day motorcyclist:  those that ride for recreation or use the motorcycle as a means of everyday transportation.  

The law firm in the past and present represents some of the most recognizable dealerships, aftermarket parts manufacturers and distributors in the powersports industry both in the United States and abroad.  Our representation of these businesses ranges from contract disputes, intellectual and proprietary claims, to defending product liability claims. 

We also represent race track owners and promoters in their contract dealings as well as provide litigation support and consulting to reduce the liability risk inherent in the industry.   On the other hand, our firm represents the every day motorcyclist in personal injury matters in traffic collisions and product liability cases.  To date, we have been responsible for over $60 million in recoveries over the last decade. 


Our Law Firm prides ourselves on the fact we don’t just claim to be riders to make the motorcycling community believe that one can be trusted when choosing a personal injury lawyer.  We are deeply involved in the industry on many levels.  In addition to our ongoing representation of clients on many levels in the industry, Alessandro Assanti who is the firm’s senior attorney has been racing motorcycles on and off for over 37 years.  At the present time, Assanti occasionally races motorcycles at the expert/pro level.  In 2007 Assanti swept the Western/Eastern Regional Roadrace Association’s (WERA) Western regional Superbike, Formula One, A Superstock and Senior Superbike titles.  In 2008, Assanti won the WERA West Superbike title for a second successive year.  After 19 years in between AMA races, Assanti raced in the 2008 California AMA Superstock event, qualifying 15th, and crashing out of 13th place on the final lap. 


Why all the racing?  Assanti has been a motorcyclist his entire life, who after a short career in the AMA and MRA roadracing series in the late 80’s, decided to go onto graduate school and law school to better himself.  This exposure to the racing community and power players in the industry was instrumental in establishing his law firm’s emphasis in representing victims of motorcycle accidents and clients in the powersports’ industry.  


Assanti knows on a personal basis some of the industries best prepared,  most knowledgeable and experienced experts who consult and offer their expertise in the proper operation of a motorcycle, or the failure of a critical part responsible for the mechanism of injury.  The ability to access these experts on a moments notice, the experience both from a practical and legal standpoint of motorcycling gives the law firm a better understanding of all aspects of representing the client who has been involved in a motorcycle related traffic accident.  


Alessandro Assanti in only one of two motorcycle trail attorneys in the United States with a professional motorcycle racing background.  This experience is also instrumental in the understanding of the dynamics of riding procedure, braking, acceleration, handling, and accident avoidance.  This knowledge is essential in immediately assessing the possibility of recovery, and what evidence must be gathered to protect the client’s rights. 



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